eating for your brain

Eating to sustain yourself is brought to a whole new level in the below TED talk. This is an interesting take on a diet to sustain your brain. The Video below is the story of a Dr Terry Wahls and her life with MS and how she set out to sustain her maximum health for as long as possible. For those of you not familiar with MS, it is a degenerative disease with no cure that affects the nerve centers in the brain.

Due to internet issues I was unable to embed the video. Please check out the link below to watch Dr. Wahls talk:

What she has accomplished in reversing some of her physical degeneration is astounding. And she makes a very valid and important point about how most people dont eat to sustain themselves in the long run. It is sadly true that we often dont think about our health until it is in question. So be grateful and take care of what you have so you may continue to have it.

For anyone wanting more information on the Paleolithic Diet, which she mentioned, or similar diets to what she speaks of Todd Caldcott’s book: Food as medicine, is a great guide. He is an Ayurvedic Doctor working with the natural aspects of non processed foods to help us avoid illness and lives healthier happier lives.


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